Custom Waist Trainer

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Are you tired of not finding the correct waist trainer. We are now offering custom waist trainers. All you have to do is email us your measurements at

Pick Your Fabric:

Latex- latex is pretty unbeatable as far as the amount of compression it provides and its durability. If you take care of your latex waist trainer (clean but don’t put it in the washing machine!), it will maintain its high-performance structure for many months of everyday wear.

Neoprene- fabric is great for workout exercise, accelerating weight loss.The neoprene fabric will increase core temperature and keep your body warm,burn extra tummy fat by heating up your abdomen,also increase calories burner for a more effective workout,reducing your abdomen and waist. The longevity of the material is remarkable and there is a remarkable technology which is the non-slip grid lining that prevents the slipping off the belt, even when there is sweat. The material used for the construction is very spectacular that not only has a contour design, but also enables a better sweating process that releases the toxins well. 

Measure Yourself:

1- Place the tape measure under your breast. Carry it all the way around. 

2- Place the tape measure around your waist. Carry it all the way around. 

3- Place the tape measurement around your hips. Carry it all the way around. 

4- Place the tape measurement vertical under your breast. Bring the tape measure all the way down your stomach. 

 5- Place the tape measurement vertical in the middle of your back. Bring the tape measure all the way down to your tail bone.