Snatch Queen Smoothie Detox Book

Snatch Queen Smoothie Detox Book

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Learn everything you need to know about living a healthy lifestyle, getting fit and drastically increase your energy levels by adding life-changing smoothies into your daily routine!


With a wide range of delicious smoothie recipes that include a 10 Day Smoothie Meal Replacement Plan, fantastic healthy snack and detox water ideas, and our Two Smoothie Per Day detox routine, a healthy lifestyle has never tasted better.

About the Book:
  • How drinking green smoothies can help you to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.
  • The health benefits of fruits and vegetables.
  • 10 day smoothie meal replacement plan + 5 bonus smoothie recipes.
  • Examples of healthy food, snack , and detox water ideas. 
  • Two smoothie detox routine you can follow day by day.
  • Testimonies from individuals who have successfully completed my 10 day program.


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