Mid Waist Reusable Mensural Panties

Mid Waist Reusable Mensural Panties

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Try our 3 layer washable period panties. The fact that they are reusable can save you ton of money.
You will fall in love with them once you put them on. They are ultra-absorbent and will replace your tampons, pads etc. Our panties are ultra absorbance, it absorbs blood abundantly and totally eliminates bad smells! So live a comfortable experience by being more comfortable during your periods of menstruation, because with our menstrual panties you will no longer need to stress yourself to change your tampon and you will no longer feel discomfort related to wearing a towel or tampon.

Our panties are made of bamboo fiber, to ensure total comfort, it is composed of 3 layers which ensures our menstrual panties to be ultra absorbent and absorb the flows continuously and quickly while trapping unpleasant odors.

After use this panties can be washed at 30 °.

* Aims to provide comfort,skin-soft,breathable and more healthy underwear for you!

* Smooth touch, stretch fit, provides all comfort for you.

* Our cotton undies ensure your lingerie drawer is anything but ordinary.

* Various color choice—You can always find your favorite color to match with your clothes.

95% Cotton
5% Spandex
100% Bamboo Fiber Lining