2 In 1 High Waist Leggings (AVAILABLE IN PLUS)

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Our 2 in 1 high waist leggings will increase body temperature quickly than normal slimming yoga pants and has a better sweat effect. The main fabric is neoprene, which is elastic and with good support, it helps shape your body and brings no burden.
The magic paste on the waist is easy to adjust and could also strengthen the waist belly collection effect, high quality elastic band ensure pants shape goes back to normal after wearing, rolled cuffs also brings much fashion element.
It is suitable for different occasions like water aerobics, dynamic stretching, yoga, postpartum recovery, etc. While workouts, it would keep your body sweating inside , dry outside, you may feel comfortable all the way.
  • High quality Neoprene 
  • Neoprene thermal effect promotes fat burning by heating up your body instantly when put on. 
  • Elastic skin friendly, adjustable, breathable, quick dry
  • Sweat sauna effect 
  • Keeps your body sweating inside while you workout 


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