Vitamin D3 Spray

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Vitamin D, aka "The Sunshine Vitamin", is central to many functions of the body. Our spray is an easy-to-use product that enables workers and individuals who spend the majority of their time indoors and people who live in inclement weather regions (rain and snow) to supplement the sunshine vitamin day in and day out. Vitamin D3 is a high potency spray. 1 Spray delivers 1,000 IU of high quality Vitamin D3.  Each bottle holds 350 servings. It's easy to use and convenient!

Why You Need Vitamin D

If life requires you spend much of your time indoors for work or family, you live in an area with infrequent sunshine or you simply don't get outside as often as you'd like, you'd likely benefit from more Vitamin D. Moreover, if you're vegan or vegetarian and do not consume the animal product alternative sources to the vitamin, you may also be deficient.

Vitamin D has many incredible benefits including:

o    Bone, teeth and muscle support

o    Possible inflammatory benefits

o    Supports the immune system

o    Brain development and so much more!

And did you know that autoimmune diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) all demand healthy T-Cells that have special receptors specifically for key amounts of Vitamin D? This vitamin can help contribute health and wellness benefits to people of all ages, stages and lifestyles.

Get Yours Today!
We challenge you to find a more convenient source of the sunshine vitamin. Our spray is compact and easily stores in a backpack, purse, gym bag, suitcase and more. All it takes is one to two sprays (refer to the recommended amount from your healthcare professional to reap the benefits of Vitamin D.

So what are you waiting for? Get yours now!